Wednesday, May 20, 2009

elp INFLUENZA @ Great Scott, May 28, 2009

Oh really, Swine Flu? Nothing stops the INFLUENZA*. Leave your face masks at home, because the only thing contagious at Great Scott on May 28th is the neon dance party. This is the electro-pop edition of the series. Check out the lineup below...

ETHER FIELD (members of Matters & Dunaway)
Technical yet groove-able, Matters & Dunaway layered vocals with dreamy languor reminiscent of New Order awash with reverb and stab the comfort with vibrant noise. After several solid albums of acclaimed releases these Bostonian gents cranked out tunes equally suited for break-up mix tapes or a dance floor throwdown. Ether Field is this new musical project by André of Matters & Dunaway. Not to be missed!

Lovewhip is dance music. The Boston Globe exclaims “Lovewhip has a celebratory and upbeat feel that has kept crowds dancing everywhere they play!” Lovewhip creates a live show that is rooted in fun with the passionate vocals and dance moves of the “soulful electro-rock diva” (says the Boston Phoenix) Erin Harpe a.k.a. Empress Erin. The project of frontwoman/guitarist/singer Erin Harpe and bassist Jim Countryman combines multicultural influences ranging from Jamaican reggae and dancehall to Nigerian soukous and highlife, afrobeat, and retro 80’s electro. “The overall concept has always been to lift people out of their daily drudgery and get them dancing and feeling good,” says Harpe. And that’s just what they’ve done, touring regularly around the country to great reactions and dancing crowds.

This is smart, fun music for smart, fun minds. The band is made up of MIT graduates who work in bio-instrumentation, prosthetics engineering and robot-building. Singer/bassist Dan Paluska is the co-creator of the Fotron2000, a robotic sketch artist, and created a "Holy Toaster" (a toaster that stamped an image of Christ on slices of bread) for Collision Collective, a group of artists from MIT and the Boston area exploring new technologies ( Dan also helped build Totemobile, a 50-foot-tall, 11,000-pound robotic sculpture -- a giant transformer that unfolds from a car into a totem pole. They play moody synth with heavy influences of rock and hip-hop a la BEASTIE BOYS and new wave, art school neurotics like the TALKING HEADS.

And guest DJ’s for the night…

Hedonistic purveyors of Soul, Afro-Beat, and Electro

As always, Influenza is sponsored by Powderfinger Promotions and Northeast Performer Magazine!

Tickets are $10, and this is an 18+ show. Doors are at 8:00.

* INFLUENZA = Boston's best bands playing 1/2 great original music, and 1/2 covers of the songs that they find most INFLUENtial.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Breaking out in song

Singing feels good...

That's why we've been asking everyone to join us in song at our last few shows.

Down by the Riverside at the Lizard Lounge from Electric Laser People on Vimeo.

Sing Along: Machine and The Cop Song from Electric Laser People on Vimeo.